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Voltage Voodoo - Significant LP USB - Melting Pot Records 20

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8gb pen drive with the full album in wav and mp3 320 + bonus exclusive content.


In a relatively short time, Voltage Voodoo has established his own brand of tech-funk on the DnB scene. His Significant LP is a testament to that and the best example of the Voltage Voodoo robotic groove to date. It also features collaborations with some of Spain's freshest talent.

For his first album, the Cordoba native effortlessly shifts from spidery synthwork and nimble percussive shuffles to surging bass warps and rolling drums, constantly building up pressure and releasing it. You will find yourself vigorously nodding your head at first, before getting the urge to turn up the volume, to make space and brock out.


Some lucky record junkies will be able to treat their turntables to 4 of the tunes pressed to a limited quantity vinyl. credits

Vinyl lacquer cut & digital mastering by Shane The Cutter @ Finyl Tweek

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