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Static Minds - Hypnotica Colectiva 13



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Present moments of the past, sound reminiscences of the early 90s Valencia, slide through the grooves of our next reference to internally shake and stir those motionless minds and entities that gravitate imperceptibly around us like white noise due to the implantation of the system, so that they awaken to the understanding of their own purpose.


The architect behind this premise is Asymetric80, the pseudonym behind which Gonzalo Sendón from Barcelona promotes his musical inquisitiveness and tries to roll out his rage before the uncertain moments in which we find ourselves while destroying the dance floor. Thus, he gives us Static Minds, the thirteenth vinyl reference on HC Records. It is a release with four original songs and two remixes by Siarem and WLDV in the physical version, which are completed with five extra songs in the digital one.


On side A, first of all, we find Hidden Visions, a blast that invites us to reflect on the origin of freedom of speech through a forceful bass drum, arpeggiated basses and synths that come together with surgical percussions and a structuring discourse passage.


Next, we find the remix of Hidden Visions that Siarem has created. Here, our already habitual on the label, provides further pression with a dreamy EBM key adding and twisting layers, without losing the forceful, arpeggiated and vindictive orientation of the original.


The last track of the first side is Nahual, where the predominance of a great arpeggiated bass and a clear and overwhelming snare drum are combined with varied melodic sequences that invite us to dress up in our best clothes and set out on the route from Barcelona to Valencia to burn our favourite club dancefloor.


Already on the B side, Astral Body takes us back to those crazy nights of frenzy and musical experimentation, a specialty of the Levant thanks to the new sounds coming from central Europe, but with the intention of making us let loose the held back internal rage by dancing with our fists raised high due to the euphoria incited by its elaborate layers of basses, arpeggios and winding pads.


Next, WLDV delivers his version of Astral Body, taking us to a more combative terrain in which all the heavy weapons have been deployed on the battlefield to reverse the anesthetized and collective state of our society through a continuous bombing of percussion and synthesizers as lysergic as destructive.


Fractal closes this episode of long-awaited awakening, a track that captures and cloaks you through its tangle mess of synthetic melodies and forceful percussive pulses to remind us that there is something, something beyond what they have so resignedly and effectively inoculated us with.


The finishing touch to the physical reference is provided by the digital part, where we find the definitive epilogue to this declaration of intent that thus reaches the category of mini-album. Archetype, Symbiosis, Timeline, Hologram and Fragments, with a big download of crystal-clear snares and percussions and grandly intertwined melodies and arpeggios, raise the ante around inner rediscovery after beating society's rotten operating system in the shade of the dance floor.


Last but not least, we have our usual comrades Dani Requeni in charge of the artistic section and graphic design and Steve Voidloss offering the purity of his mastering process handcrafted at Black Monolith Studios in London.

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