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The Burning Roundtable - Token 111



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With a first appearance on Token through a remix for PTTRN's 'To Disapear Completely', Mike Parker fully debuts on the imprint with 'The Burning Round Table' for 4 corrosive tracks of unforgiving power. Highly skilled in crafting cavernous ambiances and sharp tension, the American virtuoso offers a record emphasizing just that: imposing cuts to be selected with intention.

Parker immediately introduces the EP with gravitas through boiling, acidic A1 'Tripartite'. This first track stomps its way through an aquatic ecosystem with the occasional stab to reaffirm the vast dimension of the track. Parker uses texturally abstract atmospheres that dive the alert listener into its mysterious environment.

The kick pummels onto Parker's next piece 'Ascension Chain', which carries its name well. A heavy low-end clears space for a mesmerizing stepped lead in this track that evokes a similar size as its predecessor's. Quick hi hat sections hurry the track along into the other side of the record that meets the listener with a clear transition.

Part 2 of the EP begins with 'Bass Model', where Parker flattens the dimension of his project with a strong, operatic bassline and rhythmic syncopation. Movement is now prioritized in a B side that sets a convincing balance between techno and Detroit electro through a highly effective use of minimal elements. Closed hi hats are uplifted through sections of rolling rides to keep the pace persistent and the track tunneling.

Parker then guides us to the final pillar of 'The Burning Round Table' with his title track as B2, a logical continuation to the song before. A sustained and highly saturated bassline pushes through head bobbing percussion with a vintage sounding vocal sample to wrap up the artist's sonic trip.

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