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E Source - Polymorphism 03



UK Garage / Breaks - IDM/Electronica - Electro
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Polymorphism Records continue their intercultural and cross-genre work with their third

release E Source. Female vocals return to the label with four original tracks by Russian artist

Sestrica, who brings in her characteristic emotional narrative. A remix by Konx Om Pax and

a rework by Antwood make up the crew boarding on a galactic grey/silver vinyl.

PM003 takes off with electro-to-techno beats fuelled by a mild, wrapping acid melody in

Today We Meet, where the uplifting countdown to launch can be felt. Sentimental Value gets

us deeper into the spatial trip. Darker samples and a heavier bassline give extra gravity to

the anthem of the journey across sonic galaxies. Floating to slow, surrounding sounds and

loops we land on a calmer planet called Intention. Its tidal sensation is created by an

orchestral combination of meditative vocals and other layers of composition. New Era enters

an orbit of elegant syncopation within a rotating reverb stardust. Ancestral beeps subtly

acknowledge legacy to be taken forward to the next odyssey.

Musician and graphical artist Konx Om Pax from Glasgow beautifully introduces nostalgia to

New Era with playful breaks and scratches, getting us back to our roots in this excursion

visiting alien territoires. Sestrica’s vocals from her original track are drawn into the remix as

echoing words rendering a mysterious aura, travelling through a deep trance of diverse yet

harmonic rhythms and effects. A journey within a journey.

Canadian producer Antwood’s rework of side A jumps into an epic vortex of more

experimental, unexpected sounds. The album-closer builds up towards absolute chaos, to

then create a vacuum to emptiness. A supermassive (tribute to black holes intended) drop

leads to the last minutes of the EP: up tempo cyber-influenced sounds that bring us to a

bright futuristic landscape ironically far from a dystopian prophecy.

Purely coincidental fact: the last track of PM002’s originals being Crisis Apparition and its

homologue in PM003 New Era, hope seems to be peeking through current times to send an

accidental message with this first series of the label.

Mind the overuse of Space metaphors; in this year 2021 where humans are going farther

and further in exploring new places out there, it is a tribute and celebration to discover new

musical journeys like this out here, on Earth.

Environmental sustainability and social justice are core values of Polymorphism Records.

Following their strong interest in contributing to a good cause, shown from the early days, all

Bandcamp digital sales are donated to projects such as Team Trees or The Ocean Cleanup.

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